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Real Hardware Reviews came into existence because of our dissatisfaction with the state of the industry. With over two decades of professional review experience between myself and John we know the industry and know what most review sites are testing for in a given sample. We simply disagree with their focus. Most sites do indeed do a professional job at showcasing an item but seem to miss the mark on why most buyers opt for a given model over another. Some sites focus mainly on raw performance (‘best of the best’), others technical feats of prowess (‘innovation’), others still look at aesthetics (‘pretty’). We firmly believe that most people purchase a model not any one of these metrics but on all of them. This is why we spend so much of a review on the overall value of a given model and showing which group of consumers it is a best fit for it. Be it a hundred-dollar model or a ten thousand dollar one, people want to get the most ‘bang for their buck’. This is why we even include a break down of the most critical areas in a given market and their score in each.


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John Fleming - About Us

John Fleming Aka Soullessone21

Co-Founder/Editor and Chief
Passionate about hardware and gaming, Co-owner of RHR, all about the Realhardwarereviews.com community and people within it.

gak45RedWithCircle - About Us


Co-Founder/Director of Content and Review
“Knowledgeable, opinionated and not afraid to ask the questions you can’t or won’t.”
GaK_45’s combination of multiple industry certifications(MCSE, CCNA, various CompTIA, etc), and over twenty years’ experience in the computer industry allows him to provide detailed analysis that is as trustworthy as it is practical.

IMG 8192 Edit e1444889450844 - About Us

Davide Piva AKA RX00

Co-Founder/Developer and Head of Video Marketing
Co founder of Real Hardware Reviews who knows every detail about technology, development and videos.

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Alienware Aurora R12 Review

On the review bench we have this monster of a system which is the Alienware Aurora R12. The R12 employs the latest 11th Gen 11700 processors from Intel that boost 8 cores with PCIe Gen 4 and Thunderbolt USB Type-C. Its also packing a  3070 to play the latest game...

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Arctic Liquid Freezer II 420 Review

When people ask us about All In One / Closed Loop Cooling solutions one question is invariably asked by all – “What Size of an AIO should I get?”. Typically, we fall into the ‘go big or go home’ end of...

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Synology DiskStation DS1821Plus Review

In the recent past we have looked at Synology latest ‘DS’ series 5 and 6 bay Network Attached Storage appliances and walked away impressed with both. With their combination of good (Intel) to very good (AMD) processors and...

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