In the past we have consistently compared and contrasted various backup and restore ‘imaging’ applications against Acronis True Image. This is for a very good reason: Acronis True Image is considered by many to be the gold standard in this arena. About once a year Acronis releases a new version of Acronis True Image and every year they try and set the bar a little bit higher than it was before.
Of course, with an asking price that starts at $49.99 USD and is only good for that version (albeit all upgrades to said version are included) and goes all the way to 99.99USD per year for their ‘premium’ subscription… they have to continuously set the bar higher. Put simply with higher than average asking prices, Acronis True Image development team is like a shark. Once they stop moving forward, they start dying. This is why they put so much time effort, and user feedback, into each new version.

On the surface the latest version of Acronis True Image 2019 does seem to tick all the right boxes. Low level improvements to their ‘tried and true’ features like backing up to file/removable storage/NAS and even the cloud, cloning to dissimilar hardware, even ‘nonstop backup’ are all covered nicely. To spice things up Acronis has also now included Cyber Protection features similar to what paid antivirus / antimalware providers offer.

Mix in advanced features that may not be new, but promises to be the most advanced implementations to date and on the surface there certainly is a lot to be said for purchasing Acronis True Image 2019 over the competition… even if it does cost somewhat more and comes with fewer ‘upgrade’ options than the competition. So, let us take a deep dive in to the world of Acronis and see if their reputation is warranted or not.
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