Recently we have taken a long hard look at a lot of AMD’s APU series of processors and walked away rather impressed with how far a consumer’s budget can go with these various models. One thing though that all those reviews are predicated on is people actually wanting to use the ‘integrated’ R7 video card / 8 Video Processing units. What about people who already own a discrete card, or simply are not interested in integrated solutions? Well AMD thought of that as too and have a bunch of models that lack the integrated video but have the same four bulldozer CPU units!cpu - AMD Athlon X4 860KToday we will be putting the Athlon X4 860K under the microscope to see if this model can live up to expectations. After all, it basically is a A10-7850K with the 8 video processing units physically cut – as one of them did not pass factory testing.

On the surface the 860K does seem like a rather controversial ‘CPU’ as its four cores are based on a much earlier design compared to Intel’s 2016 models. However, as we saw in previous reviews these four cores are still rather potent. Especially when this is a ‘black’ or ‘K’ model and boasts an unlocked core multiplier for easy overclocking. Mix in a 95watt ‘Near Silent’ CPU cooler and a stock speed of up to 4.0Ghz and things are not nearly as grim as they may first appear.

AMD obviously were highly aware that this would cause some controversy and in order to sweeten the deal – so to speak – they have slashed the price of the Athlon X4 860K all the way down to a mere $70(USD)! To put that in perspective a A10-7870K retails for $130 – or nearly double of the 860K. Furthermore, compared to Intel’s i3-6100 ($120) and i5-6400 ($180) the Athlon X4 860’s extremely low price may indeed make for one heck of a bargain. Today we intend to find out. So buckle your seatbelts, make sure your tray is in the upright position, and let’s get ready to blast off!