It never ceases to amaze us how many people will spend hours and hours agonizing over one set of RAM vs. another… yet will spend literally no time on thinking about after the build is complete. Yes, carefully choosing the various components is important. Yes, having the right peripherals is key, but a system is not worth much if you don’t have data… and yet large swathes of the enthusiast’s community will never even think twice about protecting said data. Aomei and their Backupper applications want to change that. Equally important is they want to change to the perception of how expensive it is to get such a piece of mind.

With only a few clicks of your mouse, this software promises to allow you to not only secure your Operating System and applications but offer peace of mind on your pictures/documents/emails… and other important ‘data’. This certainly is not a new idea, nor promise (as a ton of different firmly established companies offers similar solutions – e.g. Acronis, Marcium, etc.) but on top of this Aomei also are offering one more thing: value. With an asking price of only $39 for the Professional (aka full, paid one-time purchase) version this software comes in at a rather reasonable price… and blows away the competition with free lifetime upgrades for a mere $10 up-front cost of $49(USD). This backstopped by a truly free version that is not timed but rather only option limited. Aomei may just be able to bring value back to a marketplace that has… gotten a tad expensive in the past couple years.

To us the crux of whether or not this software is worthy of your time boils down to two simple questions. Is it good enough (on overall value, asking price, or ease of use) to compete against the big dogs of the industry like Acronis? Equally important does this program warrant saving some hard-earned cash and opting for a relative newcomer over a ‘known good’ and ‘safe’ option like Acronis True Image? That is the answer we are going to find out… as on paper Aomei certainly does make a very appealing argument in its favor. To answer these questions, we will be looking at the free and Professional versions to see what both has to offer and if either is worth your time.
intro - Aomei Backupper Free & Pro Review