Let’s face it. No one wants to have to recover from a failed hard or solid-state drive. Sadly, if build enough systems it is going to happen. It is never fun. It is time-consuming. It is tedious… and sometimes you never are able to get everything back. This is where imaging/ ‘backup’ software comes into the equation. By making a ‘bare metal’ backup, followed by an automated backup schedule you are pretty much covered against Mister Murphy and his sister the Fickle Finger of Fate. Worst comes to worst (and your latest backup image is borked) you have the one before it, and the one before that to fall back on. No matter what you use, you should be using something to do this.

As to Aomei and its Backupper software option, we went into this review with one major question: how does it measure up against the ‘gold standard’ of backup/restore applications – Acronis True Image. Unfortunately, there is not going to be a cut and dry answer to this question. Instead, the overall value of this nifty application will vary greatly from potential buyer to potential buyer. If you are looking for an ‘old school’ automated backup and restore application that can give you peace of mind without charging you an arm and a leg then yes Aomei’s Backupper will indeed be a great fit for you. In fact, the ‘free’ version may indeed be good enough… and that is not something we can say about many backup & restore applications!

This application really does tick a lot of the right boxes. The ability to backup, restore mount images, verify images, even automated backup of everything on your system – including the OS itself – is covered nicely. In fact, just like Acronis and other better-known options, it can do this seamlessly in the background without requiring a restart. Mix in the fact that it is not a memory hog and even the free version is easily worthy of your time and bandwidth.

Yes, the free version is jam-packed with value; yet somehow the Pro paid option does easily justify its asking price and then some for the professional for whom time is money. Seamless restoring to dissimilar hardware, one-click cloning of a drive (regardless of the size of drives involved), PXE boot restoration, these advanced features were once the hallmark of pricey software… and yet Aomei offers it all for just $39. Even better, is for a mere $10 extra upfront cost (or still less than what Acronis True Image activation costs), buyers can get lifetime free upgrades. Such a feature all but makes it a slam dunk, no-brainer purchase for professionals who are tired of continuous yearly fees for usually minor improvements. This combination of good features with a great price all but demands that you give it a shot… even if you are locked into another program’s ecosystem.

With that said even the Pro version does lack some of the more esoteric features that Acronis has introduced. So if you are looking for a backup software solution that can even backup your online presence… this program will not be a great fit. This really is a razor-sharp application that may be ‘old-school’ in what it covers… but what it does do it does every bit as good as better-known options. For these reasons not everyone will consider a good deal, but for those that do… will consider a great deal. As long as you understand these limitations and your requirements align with its abilities then yes the Aomei Backupper is an incredible value. For everyone else, we would still recommend trying out the free version. It may just be ‘good enough’ and is worth the ‘risk’ of downloading and trying for yourself before you shell out any money for any application.
RHR RealDealAward - Aomei Backupper Free & Pro Review

To Download a Free copy of AOMEI Backupper Click the link here:free backup software