Performance:36 out of 40.
Since the new Tactical Tracer RGB is the standard Tactical series but with LEDS added the performance is everything we have to come to expect from Ballistix mainstream offerings. That is to say very good, but still not in ‘Elite’ territory. In other words, very good but hardcore over-clocking enthusiasts may be left wanting even more. Everyone else though will like what it has to offer.

Ease of Use:20 out of 20

While this is a 1.35v RAM kit, and while it is light enabled, the new Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB is easily the most user-friendly LED RAM kit we have seen to date. It really is a joy to work with and the fact that it is not a prima-donna that needs 1.35 in order to POST is just icing on top of a cake that is made out nearly entirely of icing.

Build Quality & Warranty: 19 out of 20
A ton of engineering went into this new design and it shows. While we do have some minor quibbles over the use of plastic pins to hold the light diffuser bar in place overall the build quality of this new Tactical Tracer RGB kit is hard to beat. Mix in a lifetime warranty from a top-tier manufacture and we really have nothing but good things to say about this kit on this side of the equation.

Value: 20 out of 20

Usually LED RAM and ‘value’ never belong in the same sentence – even ironically. That is because typical LED RAM is more expensive, harder to work with and usually not worth the effort to just add a bit more light to a custom build. The Ballistic Tactical Tracer RGB is not your typical LED kit. It is a new breed of light enabled RAM that simply smokes the competition.

Final Score: 95 out 100

With its combination of excellent ease of use, amazing versatility, and very good performance the Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB DDR4-300 kit really needs to be on your short list even if you have no interest in LED enabled RAM. It just is that good and that flexible a kit.