In a effort to to appeal to their followers and innovate in the way Bitfenix does best, Bitfenix’s new releases are a thing of beauty that cater to the gamer in all of us with very “Borderlands” or “Greek Gods” themed naming.

First lets focus on the Pandora, not the planet many of us have spent thousands of hours fighting Psychos and Handsome Jacks armies in, but the new case by Bitfenix.Pandora - Bitfenix New Releases (Part 1 Pandora)This new itx case is a very sexy and sleek design that finally does away with the 5.25″ optical bay and makes way for a sexy media room eye catching design.

image002 767x1024 - Bitfenix New Releases (Part 1 Pandora)

When style and functionality combine you get the Pandora’s great design of airflow and simplicity as seen above.

image003 1024x768 - Bitfenix New Releases (Part 1 Pandora)

Room for a full ATX PSU and very modifiable internal setup the Pandora is again a case designed for the custom builder.

image004 1024x768 - Bitfenix New Releases (Part 1 Pandora)

Designed to fit the growing AIO market of coolers, Bitfenix makes sure they allowed room for multiple AIO configurations and brands.

image007 1024x768 - Bitfenix New Releases (Part 1 Pandora)

As seen above even though this is a very small M-itx the Pandora can still handle a very large gpu such as the Devil or 295×2. Bitfenix has truly done their best to cater to all builders with this new style of case. Though from the photos the cable management does not look perfect but in time a full review will only tell.image005 1024x768 - Bitfenix New Releases (Part 1 Pandora) image006 1024x768 - Bitfenix New Releases (Part 1 Pandora)In conclusion Bitfenix has possibly one of the best new ITX cases on their hands if they play their cards right with high quality QA and a great price point.