Bitfenix has become a household name that many in the enthusiast circles know well. From their unique use of Soft Touch material on chassis, to the cutting edge in mITX encloures. Today, on this fine Canadian morning we are looking at a new mid-tower offering. The Shadow.


pic1 1024x768 - Bitfenix Shadow Review


With a market saturated in enclosures of all sizes, shapes and forms it becomes a difficult task to at times stand out or in this case to go un-noticed. Bitfenix it would seem has opted to design a case which in effect reflects the namesake it is given. To be a shadow, there and always present but unobtrusive.  For many would be enthusiasts that is exactly what they desire. Lots of function packed into a simple, usable form. Lets hope Bitfenix is up to the task.


pic2 1024x768 - Bitfenix Shadow Review

pic3 1024x768 - Bitfenix Shadow Review