The Blast Plug BP82s are not just slightly tweaked BP81s. Yes they do indeed share a common foundation but, much like with Silicon Power’s P34A60 vs P34A80, the BP81 and BP82s are intended for different market niches with customers who prioritize different things. The BP81 is intended for users who value water and dust protection, while the BP82s are more elegant in their interface and are easier to carry. The Blast Plug BP81 has much more forward bass and treble. The Blast Plug BP82s are more balanced – though still too much bass and treble forward for our personal tastes. The Blast Plug BP81s use two physical buttons, the BP 82 relies upon a single large ‘touchless’ interface per earbud.

These changes do have a large impact on who will find each model more optimal. We prefer the added functionality that the 81s two buttons offer (especially volume control via the earbuds), but the sonic signature of the 82s is more enjoyable. We liked the durability the 81’s offer… but the 82’s smaller ‘travel’ charger/case really is easier to slip into a pocket. These are all pros and cons you will have to weigh before making a decision.

Before you do precisely that, there is also one more major difference that you have to take into consideration. Arguably the largest difference, in our opinion, is their form-factor. Put simply the BP 81s are smaller and are easier to properly fit than the Blast Plug 82 earbuds. As such getting a tight seal is much easier with the 81s than the 82s. However, with that said if/when you do get a good seal the 82s provide much more music listening enjoyment. Since they are larger the BP82s also do block noise slightly better. You just have to play with the fitment more than the nearly plug n play nature of the 81 design.

So, for those who do or do not like finicky earbuds… the choice is clear. Comfort really should be the main priority when choosing any device you will be using for extended periods of time. Everything else, including sound signature, is secondary… as most can be adjusted or tweaked to your liking, but you can never make an uncomfortable set of ‘buds comfortable.