Intel’s latest 8th generation Coffee Lake Core processors drops on October 5. They will differ from previous generations by including more cores. The Core i5 and i7 will feature six cores (previously only four; i7 will still have hyperthreading), and the Core i3 will have four cores (previously two cores with hyperthreading). The Coffee Lake CPUs are built on a 14nm++ process. Comparatively to Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake offers higher cache sizes but lower base clocks. However, the single-core max frequencies are higher. The TDP is also higher.

intel charts 1024x537 - Intel’s New 8th Gen Coffee Lake CPUs

A new motherboard is a requirement for the latest CPUs as Coffee Lake will need a 300 chipset motherboard. Motherboard manufacturers Asrock, Asus, Gigabyte, ECS, MSI, and Biostar will have motherboards featuring the new Z370 chipset with launch; around more than 50 total.

z370 coffee lake 1024x819 - Intel’s New 8th Gen Coffee Lake CPUs

In the game Gears of War, i7-8700K Coffee Lake CPU has been shown to offer a 25% improvement over the i7-7700K Kaby Lake CPU.

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As for pricing, the high-end Core i7-8700K part sits $20 higher than the i7-7700K while the Core i5-8600K is $15 higher than the i5-7600K.

Intel has yet to show off manufacturer boards for the other Coffee Lake 3xx series Chipsets but with Coffee Lake Intel has posted z370 will not be the Flagship for their Coffee Lake chipsets whereas the Z390 expected out 2018 will be the new top dog for the high-end Consumer/Gaming Intel users.

It looks like Intel will also be launching in November its new series of SoC Processors which go by the code name Gemini Lake featuring 2 and 4 core models with a 10 watt TDP.

Whether a fan of Intel or AMD you really have to hand it to AMD, as the new Ryzen series has truly changed the game. It is great to see Intel finally throwing more cores at their consumer level and we for one really hope to see the Coffee Lake series offer the average users and gamers a better bang for their buck form Intel.