Over the years Corsair has made quite the name for themselves in the cutthroat PC case marketplace. Be it their iconic Obsidian series or more value orientated Carbide series, Corsair quickly rose to the top of many an experienced system builders list and has stayed there. The later of which is actually more impressive as every generation Corsair somehow finds ways to not only distinguish themselves in an extremely crowded marketplace but make others seem… less than optimal in comparison. Their ‘secret’ is simple. They actually listening to constructive feedback and tweak what buyers found to be less than optimal in order to make their cases even better

intro - Corsair 5000D Review

For example, last year Corsair released their 4000D and many a buyer liked what it had to offer. It however did have a few quirks that kept it from being ‘perfect’. Based on user feedback Corsair went back to the drawing board and their R’n’D has resulted in not one but three new cases based upon a new chassis design (iCUE 5000X RGB, 5000D Airflow, 5000D). Tied for second place in this lineup is the all-new Corsair 5000D and today, via a written and later video review, we will be taking a deep dive into what makes it tick… and see if Corsair has not only improved upon a rather decent blueprint but exceeded the rather high expectations buyers have come to take for granted with new Corsair cases.

With this in mind we will be focusing in on a few key areas. These areas are air flow and system cooling potential, ease of use, included features (internal and external), aesthetics, and overall value. The first and last ones will be critical in our final decision. After all, this is a big ‘mid tower’ case that has prioritized cooling potential over including any 5.25-inch bays. As such, it is expected to have the potential for excellent internal air flow to help keep hot running systems cool… and with an MSRP of $165(USD) it will be competing against everything from their very own Obsidian and Crystal series, to the likes of the Lian Li O11 Dynamic.