Ballistix Tactical 16GB Kit
We must admit to having a bit of a soft spot for the Ballistix series. With everything from their Elite models meant for overclocking enthusiasts, to their Sport models meant for more value orientated consumers the  Ballistix series really does cover off a lot of groups of buyers. In the past we have looked at both their high and entry level models but have saved the best for the last as today we are going to put Ballistix’s Tactical series under the microscope. Specifically, their Ballistix Tactical DDR4-3000 16GB (4x4GB) kit.

This specific model was chosen because it offers excellent speed and yet this increased performance does not come at too steep of a price increase. As of this review this particular kit will set buyers back about $175 (USD). This is only $20 more than what say a DDR4-2666 set of RAM will set you back. In other words, for those worried about AMD Ryzen’s Infinity Fabric being a bottleneck, a mere twenty dollars more can give you peace of mind.

It was also chosen for its looks. That may sound shallow but nothing could be further from the truth. You could have the best set of ‘golden sticks’ imaginable but if they look god awfully in the finished build… they probably are not going to be sticking around that long. Here the Ballistix Tactical’s modern take on a classic look should allow it to blend seamlessly into a variety of builds – at least that is the theory and we too will be putting this to the test.

Now this kit is not just another pretty face as it also offers owners the luxury of pushing the performance envelope. After all, it comes with a slick heatsink that not only looks good but works very well when you do decide that you have the need for (even more) speed. Better still is that as it uses highly binned 1.35V DDR4 RAM ICs there should be no gremlins randomly popping up when overclocked even higher than what this already fast set of RAM is factory set to.

So, will the Ballistix Tactical DDR4-300 prove to live up to our admittedly high expectations or are you the consumer better off opting for the lower priced Sport models, or conversely the higher priced ‘Elite’ ones. Keep reading to find out!