Performance Summary and TL;DR

In an effort to make sorting through all the results as easy as possible we have combined the results all of all the test results into an easy to digest summary format. By comparing this drive to similar products in all the various tests you will be able to easily find the result(s) you are interested in, see the improvement and decide if this model is worth the investment.

MX500 500GB sum - Crucial MX500 500GB: The evolution of the MX series

As you can see this drive is noticeably faster than the last generation MX300. So much so to find its equal buyers will have to step up at least one capacity level in order to meet (and sometimes beat it). So while we would not be in an rush to replace a MX300 1TB with this new 500GB MX500 model there really is no reason to seek out a ‘good deal’ on a End Of Life MX300. Things are a tad more iffy for BX owners as the MX500 is a really good drive and comes in capacity options the BX300 series can only dream of. So if you are finding your BX300 too small the MX500 would be a very good choice – TLC NAND or not – and consider the extended warranty a nice bonus.

Score Card and Summary

Performance: 36 out of 40.
For all intents and purposes this drive acts more like a larger capacity model than it really is. This is all thanks to good NAND, a good controller and great firmware. This is why we consider its performance a step above average for the mainstream SATA class. That is to say very good, but not NVMe good.

Technological Innovation: 16 out of 20
Once again Crucial is pushing the boundaries and while we would love to see this new NAND in a NVMe drive there is no denying it is extremely fast for its class. This really is a nice showcase model for some rather interesting second-generation technology.

Build Quality & Warranty: 18 out of 20
While some will be less than enthused with the use of TLC instead MLC the MX300 is built to exacting standards – and the reliability specifications just underscore this. However, what sets this drive apart from the typical mainstream SATA drive is the warranty. Five years from one of the best in the industry really makes this drive the best MX released to date. TLC or not.

Value: 19 out of 20
The MX500 redefines value for the entire marketplace. Even ‘entry level’ budget drives are more expensive than this new model from Crucial and yet the MX500’s performance easily justifies its ‘mainstream’ branding. Brilliant stuff indeed.

Final Score: 89 out of 100

The very fact that Crucial was able to charge the same price per Gigabyte as the last generation just underscores who fantastic a value the new MX500 really is. Mix in performance that punches way above its weight and it is obvious that Crucial really out did themselves.