Closing Statement

As we saw throughout testing the MX500 may not be a revolutionary model but it certainly is an evolutionary one. Once experienced users can get past the fact that TLC is here to stay and start to judge the MX500 on its merits we doubt many will find fault with what Crucial has created. This model proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Crucial is quickly learning how to refine their new 3D TLC NAND technology and fine-tune SMI controllers so as to take full advantage of its unique abilities. The end result is a new model that really doesn’t need MLC NAND to be faster than its predecessors. Instead it is faster simply because it is a better design with more powerful components.

Even though buyers should not expect NVMe performance levels the MX500 does indeed set the new gold standard upon which all SATA based SSD’s need to be judged – and not just TLC drives. Put simply for the average consumer this drive acts more like a MLC NAND drive than a TLC based model – and yet costs well below what we would expect this performance to usually cost. In other words, consumers get great value and very good performance for their hard earned dollar. This combination is why we have zero problems with this drive.

Furthermore, this new ‘MX500’ does indeed live up to the rather high expectations Crucial placed upon it by skipping a number. So much so that for the average mainstream buyer justifying the nosebleed asking price of current NVMe drives just became that much harder. Trust us when we say that if you are looking for a new drive and simply can not justify the asking price of an Intel 900P or other NVMe drive (and few really can) that the MX500 will satisfy your needs nicely and leave a good chunk of money in your pocket too.

For those consumers still confused over whether they should opt for the older BX300 or the newer MX500, let us set the record straight. Yes the BX300 is still a fantastic drive, and is still one of the few models we would recommend to friends and family, but the MX500 is better. The MX500 does set the record straight and removes all confusion over which is really the better ‘mainstream’ choice. We certainly look forward to seeing the eventual BX500 release but until then the MX500 is the clear choice for most buyers. Longer warranty, better capacity options, with better performance means the MX500 series really is as close to a ‘no-brainer’ as you can find right now.

RHR innovation Award 1024x1024 - Crucial MX500 500GB: The evolution of the MX series RHR RealDealAward - Crucial MX500 500GB: The evolution of the MX series