As per the previous review, the system and configuration used to review this game was an Intel i7 4930k processor, an Intel 180GB 540 Series SSD, a MSI GTX 770 graphics card, and a 2560 x 1440 display. We’ll continue to list the system specifications of what we used with each game as over time we may end up upgrading a piece here or there and we’d rather not keep you in the dark when it comes to what you should expect with similar systems.

We were not able to run this game at the ultra settings without noticing frame rate drops when there was a lot going on at the same time, specifically in combat. Lowering it down to high we could barely notice the difference, unless we had two versions running side by side. At either of the two graphical settings the game looks quite nice, we could complain that it could have looked a bit better, even on ultra, but that’s getting into nit picking that others have done. They could have improved the graphics to make it even more realistic looking, though they decided on what they wanted, which is consistent throughout the whole game.

One thing that is nice though is the load times based on the graphical settings, between ultra and high, was barely noticeable as well. Every time you load a new region would be the only time you’d encounter the loading screen. Bioware added lore and gameplay tips on it, though we rarely if ever had time to read through all of it while the game was loading. We imagine this was designed to help entertain and help out people with lower end systems, or perhaps consoles which may have longer load times then a higher end personal computer that we were playing on.

Bioware and facial animation, in the realm of games that can get them fairly spot on, it seems Bioware has not spent the time and resources in mastering this as effectively as other studios. Be it as it may, Watch_Dogs was able to nail that down fairly well. Is it a big deal, not to us as it did not take away from the gaming experience, only made it feel like that aspect of the game was from 2012 rather than 2014.

Screenshot 2 - Dragon Age: Inquisition