In this day and age people are crowd funding everything they can think of. Sometimes these items are a must (Crowd fund Supertroopers 2 FTW) other times they are a joke like the OUYA but what is most amazing is some of the great items can get next to no funding where complete garbage will get massive funding. The DuneCase is a great looking concept with a lot of style borrowed from Apple. The DuneCase is not overly original as there are other cylinder cases out there but the internal design and passion that went into this concept is a must see.

Final 1024x576 - DuneCase

A very simple style but sexy design, even a novice can build a great rig out of the DuneCase. The spacing will fit almost anything in the ITX market you can buy today.

fddf714dac9b8d32f26da6d8f0cafe0b original - DuneCase

A big hit comes with the GPU size as you will not be jamming a 980 ti in but on the other hand there are now full itx GTX 970’s and Fury’s so if you want to fit a power house rig into the DuneCase you will be able to but you will have to pick and choose the ITX versions of these GPU’s to fit it without modding.

There is a few items that just by looking at the case may off put some but on the other hand attract others. Even in our own review team some say its a trash can where others find this case to look great no matter where you put it even on a TV stand as your media center case.

header 1024x576 - DuneCase

Before I go any further if you want to help fund this project click the image above. We also want to state we will not be going into a review of this item as we refuse to review something we do not have in our hands.

Though in my personal opinion I love the look of this case but then again I also love the thought of using a Ammo Crate or Nuke casing to make a custom computer as the box can be boring. The DuneCase looks like a lot of fun to build with and would be a great way to intro someone into gaming and building with a system they can be proud of is impressive.