case raw 768x1024 - DuneCaseCompleted DuneCase before getting its final shine done

casetop 1024x683 - DuneCaseTop of the DuneCase gives a great pill look with a nice mesh finish and very clean side portsfootage 1024x546 - DuneCaseDual 2.5″ HDD hidden between the GPU and Mobo like a storage sandwich GPU 1024x681 - DuneCaseA tight GPU fit but most ITX GPU’s will have no issues fitting in, the riser cable makes it so the Motherboard and GPU can run parallel

MB 1024x681 - DuneCaseNothing much larger than a stock CPU cooler will fit due to the placing of the external ports. Internal cable system makes for a clean look as well as the Motherboard and GPU plug directly into the side ports making it so you have access to everything you need in one door 1024x512 - DuneCaseAnother shot of how the HDD’s hide behind a well placed swinging door that the GPU bolts to.casephoto 1024x768 - DuneCaseGold and Black options leave most people who love the Cylinder style case very happy.

cable management 1024x986 - DuneCase caselayout 1024x986 - DuneCase dunecase psu holder 756x1024 - DuneCase frontpanel 1024x735 - DuneCase psu unveil 1024x512 - DuneCase topfan 687x1024 - DuneCase wireframe 1024x852 - DuneCase

Though the DuneCase may not be for everyone it does show a lot of charm and style. The DuneCase group who is building this case under the guidance of Alex have done something great, in most cases we barely get beyond the thought of building a custom case. Alex and his team did a great job at making a case that any high end manufacturer would be proud of. We hope Alex is able to get his funding with the DuneCase so we can see what other ideas he may have.

Good luck DuneCase Team from all of us at RHR.