Lets get right into the important stuff, the pros and cons of a value mid range phone and what is really important to ourselves and most likely you.

Top 5 Things we like:

  • Design/Build Quality
  • Battery
    1. 3000 Mah
  • Waterproofing
    1. IP68
  • Screen
    1. Amoled
  • Speedy
    1. Octa-core 1.9GHz Exynos 7880
    2. 3GB

Starting top down we will expand on why these are our favorite features.

Design: very stylish and feels high end in your hands. Samsung really made the A5 feel like a Galaxy S8 but without the high price tag.

Battery: The 3000 Mah battery is amazing and paired with a 1080p screen you truly get an all day battery which is sadly not seen in some of even the higher end galaxy phones as their high resolution drains the battery extremely fast, where as the Galaxy A5 2017 seems to match perfectly with the 3000 Mah battery.

Waterproofing: With an IP68 rating the Galaxy A5 has you covered not only being water resistant but water proof making the Galaxy A5 perfect for anyone on the go without worrying about a simple rainstorm while making calls or texting.

Screen: The Beautiful Amoled is crisp and clear and even though it is only 1080p the Galaxy A5 2017 does not look cheap at all but looks just as good as it’s higher end S class brothers and sisters.

Speedy: Pairing a fast Octa-Core with 3GB Ram leaves you feeling you have bought a high end phone with all the bells and whistles, where as few games will experience slow downs.

Top 5 things we hate:

  • Camera
    1. Slow focus
    2. OIS
    3. Fixed Focus Selfie
  • Finger print magnet
  • Software
    1. Android Marshmallow
  • Speaker Placement
  • Back is prone to scratches

Starting from the top down lets look at what we dislike/hate about the Galaxy A5 2017.

Camera: This really feels like a after thought from Samsung as the Galaxy A5 2017 lacks a good camera, with slower than average focus, Optical Image Stabilization that i all around lacking and a Fixed Focus Selfie camera can make for some very blurry Selfies and video conference calls if you’re not exactly at the right spot.

Finger Print Magnet: If you have even a ounce of water in your skin it will show on the A5, any moisture at all will move from yourself the the phone screen and case like there is no tomorrow. This is not seen as bad on the sand color but on the black Galaxy A5 2017 it will soon be finger print color with a black background.

Software: Sadly on release the Galaxy A5 2017 does not have the newest android version and this could take some time to be seen and by that point it will be out of date again.

Speaker Placement: With the speakers being on the side many times you watch videos in landscape you will accidentally cover the speakers but by moving your hands to a uncomfortable position you can avoid this.

Back is prone to Scratches: Sadly this is far to common from new phones, the back of the A5 is a scratch magnet and is very easy to quickly look like you threw it down the road with a thousand mini scratches.


With all the above is the Galaxy A5 2017 a good phone? To us yes it is a great phone and for most people it will be the best phone they have owned yet.  Is it perfect? No sadly it is not and if Camera quality is your #1 concern then sadly you should avoid the A5 but if a great gaming, video streaming and texting experience is what you want then the A5 2017 has you fully covered there.

Samsung did not advertise the Galaxy A5 2017 nearly enough as we believe they avoided that to prevent undercutting their Galaxy S8 sales. We though loved our time with the A5 and will continue using it even after the review is completed.

We have awarded the Galaxy A5 2017 our real deal award as for a low stand alone cost or free with a contract the A5 is a great buy.

RHR innovation Award 150x150 - Galaxy A5 the best mid-range phone

Make sure to check out our video in the intro of the review.

Big thank you to: Tom Harris Cellular for getting us the Galaxy A5 2017 to Review, if you’re in Canada and need a phone make sure to check them out.