When it comes to mobile audio having options are a must, The Genius HS-930BT Headset may not be the highest end or most impressive headset we have seen but it does have some great features and value. The audio quality is impressive and the fact the HS-930BT offers both wired and BT options without the need for buying different headsets is a great feature. They are not without their issues but if your looking for a low cost headset and don’t want to worry about having to always have them charged the 930BT is a must try.

If your out and about a lot the HS-930BT is a great and comfortable headset, it weighs next to nothing and provides you with a impressive 15 hour battery time and the option to use a 3.5mm cable when the battery goes dead. This also provides you with the ability to use the 930BT with devices that do not have Bluetooth without requiring another attachment or accessory.
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Testing of the HS-930BT was done over 2 weeks, 2 hours a day of music, gaming and call tests.

Test devices:

  • Galaxy S7 for BT and wired testing
  • iPhone SE for BT and wired testing
  • Dell Precision M4600 Laptop
  • Custom Intel Tower with Realtek ALC892 audio

(For PC tests we also used a HyperX Female to dual Male 3.5mm cable for mic tests and gaming)



920 specs 1024x643 - Genius HS-930BT Headset


Closer Look

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Whats in the HS-930BT box

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In the box you get the HS-930BT, a Micro USB charge cable, a 3.5mm Cable, carrying bag and instructions printed into the box itself.

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Easy to use audio controls, even the little Genius “Guy/Girl” is a button, this button is used to answer/hangup on calls and to hold to sync the headset. Also this button is used to turn on and off the headset.

20161128 115443 1024x576 - Genius HS-930BT Headset

The Microphone is found right under the Micro USB, This is where I see a major fault as audio is facing away from the speaker giving the HS-930BT the worse microphone we have tested yet.

20161128 115440 1024x576 - Genius HS-930BT Headset

The 3.5mm port is a huge win, Genius did something we wish all wireless headsets did as this single port gives the user the ability to always have their music or audio on the go even when no charger is anywhere near. Having a wired built in option with a BT headset just makes sense.

Score Card

Clarity of Sound: 4 out of 5 Audio quality is impressive for such a low cost headset with clear bass and highs. The audio quality will not blow any minds but is great quality for music, audiobooks or phone calls. While using this there was one issue with the Clarity of the sound, if you look right quickly while wearing them the Genius HS-930BT can randomly cause static no matter how close your phone is to the headset. This does not happen every time but in our week of testing I noticed this multiple times while crossing the road.

Clarity of Mic: 1 out of 5 If there is one thing I really disliked about the HS-930BT it’s the mic. I have never been more disappointed in a microphone as I am with the HS-930BT, the microphone on calls is almost inaudible and if your near a group of people the person you are on the phone with will have zero way to hear to. Testing on a computer again even with max boost and max mic volume the microphone was nearly inaudible.  If your buying this headset for the hands free chat feature we have to say avoid it. If Music or gaming is your only concern the HS-930 is still a good option.

Ergonomics: 3.5 out of 5 Very easy to adjust, with the ability to snap down to a smaller size and fit in a carrying bag is a great feature to have. They are comfortable for 3 of the 4 people whom we had test them and are easy to adjust for different head sizes.

Value Added Features:5 out of 5 Addition features are actually impressive with the HS-930BT besides the standard Bluetooth the 930BT also has a 3.5mm port that turns this headset into a standard headset if it’s battery has gone dead or if you don’t have BT on the device your using. The HS-930BT also has full Volume controls on the Right side ear cup as well as the ability to Answer and Hang up calls. You also get the ability to go forward and back on tracks right from the headset which can be very nice if you don’t want to take your phone out of your pocket. Over the 2 weeks of testing we charged the headset over night the first day we got them but after that we have yet to charge them. We have used them for a total of just over 14 hours and still not charged them this is extremely impressive as any other BT headsets we have tried have had the batteries die within the first 8-10 hours.

Construction: 2 out of 5 Build quality feels very plastic and low cost, this is sadly an unimpressive part of the HS-930BT, Though it may not feel overly strong it is super light and does feel higher quality and more durable than some higher cost headsets like the Bitfenix Flo.

Warranty and Price:4.5 out of 5 With a 1 year warranty and a price that ranges online from as low as $19 all the way up to $59 at the lower end of the price scale the Genius HS-930BT is a total steal when even up to $59 it is still a great headset for it’s price.

Closing Statement

The Genius HS-930BT is not without it’s charm, offering great sound, amazing battery life and some great additional value with the 3.5mm option plus carrying bag. Where it really fails is in the microphone department. at $19-59 I would gladly purchase this headset for Bluetooth headphones only and wish Genius would of just skipped the microphone all together. If your looking for a great set of wireless headphones for gaming and travel you will really enjoy the HS-930BT but if a microphone is required we are going to recommend you look else where.

The Genius HS-930BT has earned our Innovation Award do to it’s great battery life and the inclusion of a wired option that is not seen often enough on wireless devices. Though this headset is far from the best headset we have used it is far from the worst as well. We highly recommend Genius sort out it’s bugs with the Microphone with the next reiteration of their headset line.

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