We know that not everyone has time to sit down and read a 7-10 thousand word review on one item. So in order to make things as clear and concise as possible we included  a “Too Long; Didn’t Read” synopsis for the main section. To really get a good idea of the pros and cons we recommend reading the entire review, but this page and the Score Card section will give you a good overview of the ‘board.

Closer Look:
For its class the GA-X99-SLI is one darn fine example of what $250 can get you. Everything from its excellent PCIe layout, to its excellent VRM, to its great onboard sound solution is sure to impress. Just expect to pay the “Intel enthusiast tax” as this grade of systems are on the expensive side!

As we have come to expect from Gigabyte the BIOS which accompanies the X99-SLI is as powerful as it is user-friendly. What was not expected is just how good this motherboards BIOS really is.

System Performance:
If you are serious about multi-core performance, or have craving for what four channels of DDR4 goodness can offer the Gigabyte X99-SLI would be a great choice upon which to start your journey. Be warned, once you do go for LGA2011-v3 nothing else will ever satisfy you again.

Gaming Performance:
To truly harness this wonderful motherboard you will want to SLI or CrossFire multiple cards; however even in single card configurations this motherboard makes an excellent foundation upon which to create one arse kicker of a system.

OC Performance:
With its combination of good easy to use software, and very good hardware the X99-SLI not only offers multiple ways for consumers to overclock but goes out of its way to make it as enjoyable an experience possible.