3D Printers “Why Not?”

Over the last few years getting a 3D printer has become more and more common, with this they have dropped price drastically.  Due to this we at Real Hardware Reviews decided now is the time to take the plunge and with that we reached out to one of our reps and she said “Why not?”

With that the Enders Desktop 3D Printer Kit was ordered and the research started. This is by far not the newest unit but it does seem solid from some light reading and even can 3D print in wood… yah you heard that right, wood. From there we considered templates and came across a great site http://www.yeggi.com/q/cable+comb/ where it has a massive modding community and easy to use templates.

What impressed us even more is many of their templates had images of the finished product and comments from people who made them. This takes a lot of guess work out of what the result will look like.

With this we get into the point of part one of our dive into 3d printing which is finding a use for it, ordering it and then setting up the plan for how it helps RHR and our great community… Giveaways. Once we get the Enders desktop 3d Printer we will start testing out multiple cable management combs as well as other designs recommended by you guys and gals.

A little help and the Giveaway

Once we are happy with the result we will select a few commenters and mail them some of what we have made. By this point we hope to have a few colors as well so we can match the selected readers color schemes.

If any of you have any advice on how to best run a 3D printer or templates to use we would love to hear from you. We know this is way out of our norm but we would like to get our readers more involved in future articles and giveaways.

With this we end part one and hope we get the printer soon so we can get into a full review as well as test and giveaway some nice cable management combs.

Thanks for reading and have an Epic weekend

Gearbest Enders Desktop 3D Printer Kit
Enders Desktop 3D Printer Kit