Today HyperX really hit the nail on the head by giving gamers and portable users a combo option that truly performs at top-notch levels with the HyperX Cloud Mix. The HyperX Cloud Mix offers Bluetooth and a wired solution to gamers at home and mobile all in one.  With an impressive boom mic, epic 20-hour battery, aluminum construction, and fully adjustable headband the HyperX Cloud Mix sounds like the perfect headset for everyone but there is a point it falls short for some being the $200 USD Price tag.

HyperX Mix Specs - HyperX Cloud Mix Review: Mixing Gaming and Mobile

What’s in the Box?


  • Cloud Mix Headset
  • Noise Cancelling Boom Mic
  • Detachable 1.3m 3.5mm Headset cable with volume slider and Mic Mute Switch
  • Pc Extension cable with single 3.5mm to dual 3.5mm Mic and Audio cable 2M
  • Micro USB charging Cable .5m
  • Fabric carrying bag with HyperX Logo
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Welcome card and Warranty CardAccessories Mix 1024x533 - HyperX Cloud Mix Review: Mixing Gaming and Mobile

Above Accessories is above and beyond for a Bluetooth headset as this now moves the HyperX Cloud Mix into the market of both gaming on mobile and Bluetooth to wired gaming with a very nice quality boom microphone. The built-in microphone on the Cloud Mix is nothing to rave about as it does more or less meet the same quality of any other Bluetooth headset we have tried, but where HyperX wows us is with the fact the Boom mic works on both Bluetooth mode and wired giving you an amazing quality microphone both at our PC or on the go.

The Length of the 3.5mm Cable is very impressive giving you the ability to run the able around your desk and still have lots of room to move around.


  • Wired gaming headset certified for Hi-Res Audio
  • Bluetooth® wireless technology for on the go connectivity
  • HyperX Dual Chamber Drivers for more distinction and less distortion
  • Signature HyperX comfort and durability
  • Built-in mic and a detachable boom mic
  • Detachable braided cable with in-line audio control
  • Intuitive onboard controls
  • Multi-device compatibility

When it comes to features the HyperX Cloud Mix really is an impressive Headset, the sound quality is damn near the quality of the HyperX Revolver S performed through the Dual Chamber Drivers, this honestly floored us as the quality is unbelievable and truly needs to be heard to believed.

The Bluetooth range is very impressive while testing I took this to a job site and was able to travel around the warehouse and even 10 feet outside plus without ever losing a connection.

When it comes to comfort for the first few days of use the HyperX Cloud Mix can feel snug on the lower points it connects to under your ears but after a short time the Mix will form fit with the memory foam leatherettes.

A feature that is sadly not met as well as many other HyperX headset is the fact you will not get the standard noise isolation as the other headsets from HyperX, you will hear a lot of noise from the outside world while listening to the HyperX mix but the following feature may correct this for some people.

The Volume and ability to crank up the HyperX Cloud Mix are unbelievable, it goes higher than any other BT headset we have tested in a long time.  With this extreme volume you would expect quality to slip on the highs and bass but at no time in testing did the headset ever bottom out and have a drop in quality no matter the volume.

On headset controls can be a little confusing, as having the pause, next answer call on the left ear and the volume up and down plus power on the right feels a little odd but not a deal breaker.

An impressive feature that is not listed by HyperX is when you power on the HyperX Cloud Mix it will tell you the amount of battery percent remaining which when you’re on the go is a great feature.

hyperx mix 934x1024 - HyperX Cloud Mix Review: Mixing Gaming and Mobile


When it comes to ticking the boxes the HyperX Cloud Mix is truly an impressive headset. Great sound, Battery, Quality, and Accessories but a higher than expected price tag. With all the features and quality the price is in our mind reasonable but if it is out of your range there is always sales on anything PC related so just keep an eye out. With that Makes sure to watch the video review to hear the 2 microphones and for a more in depth review.

With that we Award the HyperX Cloud Mix our Excellence Award

RHR Excellence Award sm - HyperX Cloud Mix Review: Mixing Gaming and Mobile