t18 - Innokin T18 In-depth Review

Let’s start with what the differences between the T18 and T22 are… which is actually simple to describe. The T22 is the bigger brother of the T18 in that Innokin uses a 2000mAh battery internal battery instead of 1000mAh like the T18 comes equipped with. That basically is it. However, to offer a longer lasting Endura Innokin did have to increase the overall dimensions from a 18mm diameter, 14.5cm height tube to a 31mm X 22mm X 15cm rectangle (in English that is .75 x 7.75 inches vs 1.2 x 0.9 x 5.7 inches). This does have an interesting impact in the overall usage and portability of the T22 vs the T18 – some favor the T18 and some favor the T22. It is also why the Endura T18 is classified as a ‘vape pen’ while the T22 is a ‘box mod’… albeit a very small box mod.

comp - Innokin T18 In-depth Review

To put this another way the T18 is the more portable version but this comes at the expense of battery life, and since the battery cannot be removed and replaced this impacts how long you can use this system for before having to recharge it. Thankfully you can charge it and continue to vape. Albeit with a few caveats. First and foremost is if you vape until the internal battery is empty you will have to wait about five minutes after plugging it in to charge before you can use it again; whereas it is about eight to ten minutes for the T22. Either way ‘pass through vaping’ (i.e. using it while it charges) does extend the period of time it takes to charge the internal battery and is harder on the battery. IE the battery will not last as long before becoming unusable. For this reason, we strongly recommend waiting until the battery is fully charged before using it again… so choose wisely based on your existing smoking habit.

ang - Innokin T18 In-depth Review

Next is the T18 is very sleek and stylish whereas some will find the T22 to be a bit ‘chunky’ and harder to carry around in the pocket. The best way to explain this is to imagine the T18 to be the same as carrying a metal cigar tube holder in a pocket vs carrying a hard-cased cigarillo case. The extra of the T22 also makes it more noticeable in the pocket whereas the T18 is light enough to be all but unnoticeable (as it weighs only aprx 3.5 oz). Put another way the T18 easily fits into any pocket but the T22 may be a tad uncomfortable… but you will never accidentally sit down on a T22 while the T18 is so light that you may indeed forget it is even there.

The last issue is the T18 simply fits in the average sized hand a lot easier. So much so you can almost imagine that you are ‘smoking’ a fancy cigar instead of a e-cig, whereas the T22 is big enough to be more like holding a small can in your hand. Beyond this the T18 is also not as slippery feeling in the hand whereas the T22’s extra size and weight makes it more prone to slipping right out of your hand. This can be easily fixed by simply slipping a ‘vape band’ (an Innokin branded one is included right in the box) so as to give more grip. If you are one of the few who do find the all metal chassis of the T18 too slippery once again a vape band will solve this ‘issue’.

tank - Innokin T18 In-depth Review

In either case both Endura models use the exact same ‘prism’ tank system (albeit the T22’s is a 4ml capacity version while the T18 uses a 2.5ml capacity version… both are interchangeable though the T18 tank will look small on the T22 and the T22 tank will look big on the T18) and comes with the exact same accessories. Both even come in very similarly sized and styled shipping packages. Both will also come with the exact same accessories. To be precise you will find inside the box the T18/T22 mod itself, a T18 tank, two coils for said tank (1 spare + one already installed), an instruction manual, a short USB charging cable, three different drip tips, replacement rubber gaskets, and a nifty stand so that you don’t have to lay the T18 flat (no such stand comes with the Endura T22). What you will not find is a USB wall charger. Instead you will have to provide a USB 110v 0.5a – 1.0a charger. There is no need to use 2amp charger and basically any USB charger will work (in a pinch you can even plug the mod into a free USB port on your laptop/pc/etc. and it will charger with zero problems).

usb - Innokin T18 In-depth Review

The one issue that is unique to the T18 is the location of the USB port that is needed to charge the internal battery is that it is located on the bottom of the device and is hidden via a swing out door. This means you do have to lay the T18 on its side to charge the unit. Thankfully the T18 tank system is darn near leak proof so laying it on its side when charging (or even in your pocket while carrying it) is not a major issue. That is not something that can be said about a lot of tanks on the market today! Though once again nothing is 100% leak-proof… but the T18 is pretty much as close as you will find.

On the side of both the T18 and T22 you will find precisely one button. The lack of buttons is a good thing for first timers as there are no settings to fiddle with and no way for them to be accidentally changed – and thus change your vaping experience. Instead Innokin as set the device up so that every time the fire button is depressed you get a borderline hot vape and it is just up to you to decide on how much ‘smoke’ you want to inhale. Hold is longer for more, shorter for less.

side - Innokin T18 In-depth Review

The button itself is very tactile and does have a bit of resistance to depress it. This too is a good thing as the chances of it accidentally pressed while in a pocket are very, very slim. Yes this can happen with lower spring resistance buttons and we have had accidental discharges when in a pocket, in a cup holder in our car, or in a draw of a desk. Nothing sucks worse that having a nic-fit and finding your tank is empty, the coil is burnt… and you left all the extras at home.

The one button is not only the ‘fire’ button but also the battery status indicator led. When pressed it will glow red for battery is dead (and probably not produce any ‘smoke’ until charged again), yellow means the battery is low and green means it is good to go. At all (but zero) battery levels the output is the same as this is a regulated mod and will either work or not work.

air - Innokin T18 In-depth Review

Taking a closer look at the T18 tank you will be hard pressed to find the actual air holes that allow air to flow over the coil, pick up the atomized vapor, up the chimney, and then into your lungs. This is because the Innokin Prism Tank is a Mouth To Lung (“MTL”) only tank and there are four rather tiny air vents located near the base. This too helps ensure that leaking does not occur – as most fluid leaks are because the coil is over-saturated and leaks out the air holes. This however is only a fringe benefit as these small air holes create a very tight draw that is very similar to that of a cigarette.

isub - Innokin T18 In-depth Review

We will go over filling and usage later in this review, but overall this 2.5ml tank is more than up to the demands the T18/T22 will place upon it. So much so that we do know people who have upgraded to high end mods and still use this tank when they want a very tight MTL experience. Unfortunately, while this tank can be used on a lot of other systems the T18 and T22 mod can be used with only a few other tanks on the market. Luckily these few are all designed to replicate a cigarette. For example, the competition’s Aspire Nautilus will work fine… but we personally would recommend the Innokin iSub V vortex tank (specifically the ‘KAL BVC’ Kanthal 2.0ohm and iSub ‘standard’ 2.0 coils) as it is a very nice tank to use and can be used in either Mouth To Lung or Direct Lung mode.

Basically, you just have to be aware that the mod is a 14watt mod that was design specifically for the 1.5ohm coils the Prism tank system uses… but as long as the resistance is in the same ballpark (higher or equal to 1.5ohms), 14watts is in the coils recommended wattage range, and most importantly it is not Nickel based it should work. Just be aware that it may not heat up as fast and take a few ‘puffs’ unlike the T18… as the T18/T22 mod was optimized to work with the Prism coils.
This additional hassle factor and restrictions is one of the biggest downside to this system. But it was not never meant to be a ‘jack of all trades’ system, rather it is meant to be a master at providing a analog cigarette replacement experience. For most novices, this is what you want and need. Plus, this system is not exactly expensive so if you do find yourself ‘out growing’ its abilities it will still make a good backup.

As for the coils there is precisely one option, a 1.5ohm coil. This coil in combination with the tight, highly restrictive draw creates a fairly dense vapor ‘cloud’ that is on the hot side. Basically, if you use a e-liquid ‘tobacco’ flavor the experience will be very similar to that of a ‘analog’ cancer stick…. Just like you want it to be to help break your mental craving for smoking a cigarette.

In testing both 50/50 and 70/30 VG/PG blends worked fine, though 50/50 is what the coil and tank is optimized for. We do recommend not using ‘max VG’ blends as it really is not optimal. Depending on your personal preference you may find that the additional ‘cloud’ created by 70/30 may help you better than 50/50 – as the cloud will be noticeably larger and ‘mouth filling’. Though as this is a 1.5 ohm based system running at only14 watts you will not be blowing massive ‘room filling’ clouds. It really will be more like a cigarette at 50/50 and more like a cigar at 70/30 when it comes to cloud production.

ang2 - Innokin T18 In-depth Review

Equally important is this 2.5ml capacity, 18mm diameter, tank uses glass and not plastic like some other inexpensive systems. Why this is important is some flavors used in e-liquid can melt or crack plastic tanks… whereas with this little bad boy you need not worry about a leak happening from a cracked tank. This piece of mind is very nice and well above average for this price range.

tip - Innokin T18 In-depth Review

One nice little bonus that comes with either Endura system is the additional tips that allow you to customize the look, the feel, and the vaping experience. The default, factory installed, drip tip is a short metal tube style tip that does look very nice when installed. We personally do not like the feel of metal in our mouths nor to be like how hot they can get. What metal tips are however very good at is being durable and robust. When you use this metal tip on this metal bodied mod you really can throw it in a pocket and not worry about something breaking; whereas with the other two it is possible they will break.

With that being said the other two tips are made from derlin which is a very, very durable plastic. So much so that it really is unlikely that a drop that breaks the tip won’t also break the glass in the tank … unless you use a vape (rubber) band on the tank to help cushion any blows to this ‘weak link’.

tip3 - Innokin T18 In-depth Review

In either case the two other tips do provide different vaping experiences and a radically different mouthfeel. The small black tube provides a very similar feel and experience as the metal one but without the metal heat and feel negatives. To be precise this short tube style drip tip helps best replicate the experience of smoking a ‘filtered’ cigarette. Since most smokers poison of choice is a cigarette, most people will want to use this tip or the metal. Personal preferences will be the deciding factor on which one, but before you choose you really should try the third tip – it is our personal favorite.

The reason we like it is this longer derlin trip tip provides a more pipe or cigarillo vaping experience. It is also longer and does not get as hot as either of the shorter tips which reduces the chanecs of burning your lip from chain vaping. More importantly it is long enough you can hold it in your mouth just as you would a cigarette and this may help alleviate the mental cravings of smoking better than the shorter tips.

To swap out one tip for another simply hold the mod in your hand and gently – but firmly – pull up on the tip. The tips are held in place with friction via two rubber gaskets (which also keep it from leaking). Then when off, take your other tip and push gently into place until it is fully seated. Do not worry, as long as you pull directly up or push directly down you will not break a tip. Also important to note is even though Innokin thoughtfully includes three drip tips nothing says you have to use them. The T18 tanks uses as standard ‘510’ connector so any 510 drip tip will fit. There are literally too many styles and different material based 510 drip tips available on the market to count – all at very reasonable price (derlin can be found for a few dollars and more exotic will cost more). So if you do not like the three included you can fine tune your experience relatively cheaply.