As both the T18 and T22 tanks use the exact same coils, are built the same way, and use the same filling method we are going to focus in on just the T18. Literally the T22 tank methodology is the same… it just is bigger and holds an extra 1.5ml of liquid.

box - Innokin T18 In-depth Review

So let’s start at the very beginning. You have just opened up your new T18 starter kit and are greeted with a mod that is not attached to the T18 tank. This is perfect as the first thing you want to do is dissemble the T18 tank and make sure the coil is in place properly. It should be, but never make assumptions about new devices or tanks.

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To do this simply grasp the T18 tank at about the mid-way point and unscrew the base. It has knurling on it so you can see where this nut / ‘base’ starts and where it ends. It will be on tight – just as it should be – so it may take a bit of force to start it but it will come off. We recommend not having the base point downwards so as to ensure the coil does not ‘fall out’. Horizontal is fine, or you can combine the next step and simply start the process with the tank ‘upside down’. So if not already done, when the base is fully unscrewed and laid somewhere safe but easy to see (so you do not lose it) gently rotate the tank so the bottom is pointing upwards.

You will now see this… or should see this if the coil is installed properly:
inst1 - Innokin T18 In-depth Review

If it looks precisely like that with the two coil tabs in their appropriate notches you can screw the base back on.

If on the other hand it looks like this:
inst2 - Innokin T18 In-depth Review

You will want to first gently twist the coil until the two tabs align with the notches in the tank, and then push in gently until it is snuggly in place. If you do not your new ‘leak proof’ tank will leak like a sieve.

Once you have confirmed the coil is properly installed you then can screw the base back on and make sure it is on nice and tight. This confirmation process is almost exactly what you will be doing when you want to replace the coil… with a few minor tweaks we will get to in a moment. A T18 coil should last about 3 weeks or more. It can be more or less than this depending on how much you vape. The best way to tell when the coil needs to be replaced is when the taste changes. It will taste ‘dirty’, ‘smoky’ or some variations on this ‘oh my god this tastes horrible’ theme.

If you do not notice this change the system will usually warn you when the coil is burnt out. What happens is you go to use the T18 and even though you know the battery is charged the fire button led will blink red and refuse to fire (as if it was a dead battery) then go back to green before going out. This is your telltale. You should not wait this long as this ‘warning’ only occurs when the resistance of the 1.5ohm coil skyrockets beyond what this little vape-pen system can handle (we have confirmed this by putting the T18 tank with a ‘bad’ coil on a higher end mod and read the resistance – which read over 2.9ohms cold and then quickly went to over 3.5 ohms of resistance when warm). We have actually had the occasional coil do this after only a week… so there is no hard and fast rule. The best rule really is the rule of thumb on using taste as your litmus test… as no one wants to vape burnt wick – that is bad for your health!

With the coil confirmed to be in position and the base installed you can now thread the tank on to the ‘mod’. Since it uses a standard 510 threaded connection this is about as complicated as screwing a bolt into a nut. Hold the mod in your non-dominate hand, hold the T18 tank in your dominant hand… and screw it together. Be careful to not cross-thread it as that will ruin your new vape pen… and the damage will so not be covered under the 90 day warranty! Easy way to not do this is to try and screw it on backwards. You will feel where the threading starts and thus where to start screwing it on… without cross-threading it.

The next step is to unscrew the top part of the T18 tank. Like the bottom it is knurled so you will know where to grip it… without breaking the glass. This is the tricky part as you also have to grip the bottom half of the tank just above the bottom knurling… so that you don’t unscrew the base or the entire tank from the mod. The top will be on tight so it will take some pressure to keep the entire tank from twisting. Do not apply too much pressure as… you guessed it… it will break the glass in the tank. Yes this is the weakness of the T18 system, but it is basically how most tanks do things and it is not until you get into the high end tanks that they do things differently…ish.

With this top portion off (and safely out of the way) the first thing to do is ‘prime the coil’. This means putting a few drops (we usually use 5 or so) in the center ‘hole’. Here is a picture with this hole highlighted:

inst3 - Innokin T18 In-depth Review

Putting some liquid inside the coil helps it become fully saturated and if you do not it will take longer to be ready for use. If you use it before the cotton in the coil is fully saturated you will burn the wick. Yes it does happen. Thankfully the learning process is not that expensive as a five pack of T18 coils only costs 5-10 bucks (or 1-2 dollars each).

With that accomplished you want to fill the tank reservoir up. You do this by simply putting the e-liquid bottle’s nozzle inside the tank between that center post and the inside of the glass and squeezing until it is full. Do not overfill. It will flood the coil and you will probably end up with a leak… or at the very least a spitting, ‘gurgling’ tank until the liquid is vaporized… expect to get burnt from hot liquid. So don’t overfill!

Here is a picture of the filling zone we are talking about with the ‘no go zone’ in solid red:

inst4 - Innokin T18 In-depth Review

Now with the tank full, spin the top half back on to the tank and let it sit for at least five minutes. This also ensure the cotton in the coil is nice and saturated. Be patient.

Congratulations you have just filled and primed your first coil!

Replacing the coil with a new one is basically the same process but you will want to do it over a sink and have a garbage bucket nearby to properly dispose of the used coil.

To start we recommend removing a new coil from its blister packaging and laying it close by. Make sure to start the process with the tank ‘upside down’ so that no e-juice leaks out… as it will otherwise. When the bottom half is off grasp the coil and pully gently straight up. It will be ‘wet’ and some drops of liquid will fall into the sink. After you finished make sure to wash these drops down as they contain nicotine and can be harmful to children and pets. Remember the ‘LD50’ (or Lethal Dose 50%…. or the amount that will kill the avg adult 50% of the time immediately) is only 50mg of nicotine. Children, pets, and adults weighing less than 180lbs will have a much lower LD50. So do not risk it. Wash it down the drain! You may also want to wear rubber gloves while doing this, but that is overkill. We do however strongly recommend washing your hands when finished.

In either case with the old coil out and safely disposed of put the new coil in… and follow the steps outlined above.

Congratulations you have just replaced your first used coil!