With the continuing trend of ‘smaller is better” owning a docking station for your portable computer system is not only common place it is now all but the de rigueur accessory for serious professionals and amateurs alike. Thankfully, as docks become ubiquitous more and more alternatives are entering the market. Alternatives by companies that are pushing the boundaries of exactly what a ‘dock’ really is and what they can offer. For example, the recently released 1Big Dock series by Lacie not only offers the typical docking features (Display Port, multiple I/O ports, etc.) but also adds in value added features. Value added features such as built in external storage and a card reader. These features may not be common place, but are not precisely unique either. However, as we will go over in this review they really should be as these are ‘value added’ features that can indeed make life easier.

LaCie 1BigDock SSD Pro intro - LaCie 1Big Dock Review

Of course, with an asking price of about $920 (USD) for the 16TB version we will reviewing today… it darn needs to offer everything it can to help overcome its asking price. After all, this corner of the market is filled with noticeably less costly options. Albeit, options that do not offer nearly as much as what the 1Big Dock can offer. So, can the 1Big Dock overcome sticker shock and make a case for why the typical professional should opt for a ‘all in one’ dock over the de-facto standard of owning multiple cheaper alternatives that cover the same(ish) ground? On paper that certainly sounds like a tall order – as that sticker shock is going to be a bear to overcome – but if there is one company that has made its reputation on offering premium products with surprisingly good overall value it is LaCie. Let us dive in and see precisely what the 16TB capacity version of the 1Big Dock can, and cannot, offer potential buyers.

LaCie 1Big Dock 16TB intro - LaCie 1Big Dock Review