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March 1st.  2019, Taipei, Taiwan – LIANLI Industrial Co. Ltd., world’s leading manufacturer of aluminum chassis for enthusiasts, in partnership with Razer, the world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers, is thrilled to announce that pre-orders for this special collaboration project between two veterans in the gaming industry is now finally open. Since the PC-O11 Dynamic Razer edition’s first appearance at COMPUTEX 2018, fans worldwide have been eagerly waiting for its debut. LIANLI has heard you!

The LIANLI PC-O11 Dynamic Designed by Razer chassis sees the original O11-Dynamic case undergo a makeover in the Designed By Razer Program, imbuing the chassis with incredible RGB lighting powered by Razer Chroma. It is fully compatible with Razer Synapse 3, making it easy to sync your entire gaming room including the PC chassis. With Razer Chroma, LIANLI is able to bring the O11-Dynamic to a whole new level.

Pre-orders for the LIANLI PC-O11 Dynamic Designed By Razer start at March 1 in select retail and online partners. As a pre-order bonus, those who order during this period will receive a free LIANLI Strimer 24-pin LED RGB PSU cable worth $49 for only two weeks and Limited Quantity

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Co-Designed with Razer

Razer and LIANLI worked hand-in-hand in redesigning the PC-O11 Dynamic to give it the signature Razer touch along with full support for Razer’s Synapse and Chroma technologies. This allows the PC-O11 Dynamic to compliment gamer systems that take advantage of the Razer peripherals.

The PC-O11 Dynamic Designed by Razer Edition features a couple of upgrades over the standard PC-O11 Dynamic chassis: integrated Chroma RGB lighting in the front trim and bottom provide striking LED lighting. The O11 Dynamic Designed Razer has a total of 86 LEDs, 46 in the front and 20 on the bottom of each side, which provides a full dazzling lighting effect. LIANLI and Razer also included full support for Razer’s Synapse 3 configuration utility as well as Razer’s Chroma technology which fully syncs all supporting hardware’s lighting. The final touch is the Razer logo Lazer Etch onto the face of the chassis, leaving the iconic branding to serve as a mark for gamers.

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Chroma Lighting for an Immersive Gaming Ecosystem

Gamers who have been clamoring for a unified gaming setup can now achieve that with the LIANLI O11-Dynamic Designed by Razer Edition chassis. Razer’s unique Chroma lighting system allows gamers to immerse themselves in a unique gaming environment. The lighting is fully customizable to sync with all Razer Chroma hardware including keyboards and mice and plenty more of Razer’s products. Together with Razer’s Synapse 3 unified configuration software and Chroma customization, gamers can achieve infinite ways for them to sync their lighting including rainbow color effects, music mode and a whole lot more possible through the Chroma platform.

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