wiz data recovery - MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro

Moving on the other area which is a tad disappointing is the much hyped add-on ‘modules’. We would argue that these are not in fact add-on modules and instead represent an entirely separate program – it is even called MiniTool Data Recovery and not Partition Manager Data Recovery. Worse still this separate program is not included and has to be download from their website – hitting any of the features literally brings you to the same download page. If that is not bad enough, this separate program is a trial-ware version and if you want to purchase it you will not be given a discount for owning the Partition Manager! For a professional version some non-crippled version should be included.

undelete - MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro

On the positive side this separate module works, and works well. In testing it easily recovered accidentally deleted partitions, pictures, and even multimedia files. To be honest, it is arguably worth the asking price of $69 dollars, but having such blatant advertising built directly into a Professional software program does leave a bad taste in our mouths.