This can be considered one of the biggest digital photo frame that I have ever seen. Just look at this thing. It’s bigger than most laptop screens, and if your wondering what that might be, it’s the Nixplay N 15.6 inch Smart Photo frame.

Nixplay N Portrait - Nixplay N Smart Photo Frame Review

The Nixplay N really stands out mainly because it is literally the biggest photo display that I have ever owned. It’s a 15.6 inch photo frame with a 16:9 aspect ratio that also displays at full 1920×1080 resolution with a IPS panel that is 350 nits bright, and the best part is that it actually looks like a normal photo frame. The viewing angles on the Nixplay are great, and I found it to provide sharp color and high contrast.

Nixplay N Unbox - Nixplay N Smart Photo Frame Review

There are four sizes available, with 9.7in, 10.1in, 13.3in, and 15.6in displays that we see here, though the larger sizes only come in black.

Nixplay N Main - Nixplay N Smart Photo Frame Review

Looking at the back we have the power cable which also doubles as a stand and it can be removed entirely, revealing a wall-mounting setup with embedded hooks. If you don’t want to display the frame on a tabletop, wall-mounting is made about as easy as possible.

Nixplay N Back 2  - Nixplay N Smart Photo Frame Review

Back plate - Nixplay N Smart Photo Frame Review

The frame comes with a remote control that you can utilize to change the picture or access the settings menu. Nixplay has added a magnet to the remote so you can keep the remote on the back of the display for safekeeping. The remote is hidden from view when not in use.

Nixplay N Remote - Nixplay N Smart Photo Frame Review

Using the mobile app you can manually add photos or connect your account to Google Photos, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Dropbox to sync photos and use them to populate playlists which you can send to your frame.

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The major cons that I have with the device is that it does not offer a way to add media with a physical SD card or USB stick. Your essentially stuck with Nixplays cloud services. Which means that one day this photo display could stop working if Nixplay decides to pull the plug on their cloud storage. Which leads me to another con of the devices is that you only get around 10GB of storage. Once you full it up, you need to pay a subscription for additional storage.

Nixplay N Side 2 - Nixplay N Smart Photo Frame Review

Also, the price of the unit has a lot to be desired. The 15.6 inch model cost around $319.99. These days one can buy a 32″ TV for the price Nixplay is charging for their 15.6″ frame. Presumably, the price helps support their cloud storage but still a hefty price to swallow.

I also noticed that the pictures can take some time to upload on to the device. So, you need to make sure you have a proper and fast internet connection which older relatives might not have.

Overall the Nixplay N is a great “Smart” photo frame. Especially as a gift for older relatives where you cant visit due to what’s unfolding in todays environment. Sure, it doesn’t have a built-in voice assistant like Siri or Alexa, and you can’t use it to adjust your thermostat. But it’ll connect to the cloud to display your latest photos, and it will make those photos look great.

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