AVAILABLE NOW RADEON VII GAMING GPU! Up to 45% more memory and up to 66% more memory bandwidth than other gaming GPUs in its class.

Can deliver vivid gaming visuals up to 4K and limit-less content creation in 8K, VR and more! With 16GBs of HBM2 memory and 1TB/s memory bandwidth on a 4096-bit memory interface. Up to 1.3X faster than the Radeon RX Vega 64 in Blender, gaming (Residential Evil 2 in 4K MAX Settings).

Pair the Radeon with FreeSync or FreeSync 2 HDR for smooth, stutter-free gameplay. No Stuttering. No Tearing. Just Gaming!

This is a leap forward in next-generation graphics in display technology and pure performance! Also get three (3) FREE games when you get the new Radeon graphics card from participating retailers

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