ROG Scabbard – Introduction

Mouse pad features are verging on the point of insanity lately, with the likes of RGB and wireless charging, and the costs associated with them. While these features are useful for some, having a large surface that’s durable, protects your desk, and tracks well with a wide variety of sensors might just be essential to what you’re looking for. Enter the ASUS ROG Scabbard.
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ROG Scabbard – Unboxing and Review

Scabbard1 1024x682 - ASUS ROG Scabbard Review Scabbard2 1024x682 - ASUS ROG Scabbard Review
Looking at the box for the ROG Scabbard, you don’t get much of an idea about the scale of this mouse pad until you read the specifications. Keeping with the usual ROG scheme, the box is red and black and gives you a sample of the materials of the pad.
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Cracking open the box you are greeted by ROG red rubber and a pair of Republic of Gamers stickers. Nothing extravagant here in terms of accessories here, but it is just a mouse pad. A quick note is left in the manual advising users to not roll the pad up with the rubber backing facing outwards as this can damage it.
Scabbard5 1024x682 - ASUS ROG Scabbard Review
Measuring in at a whopping 35.4” by 15.7”, the ROG Scabbard gives even the lowest DPI users more than enough space for your keyboard, mouse, and whatever else you keep nearby. In the top left and right, the Republic of Gamers logo and ROG Scabbard logo respectively are screened on. The latter is a special glow-in-the-dark logo that I find gimmicky and never really lit up much in my usually dark computer area. They are also potentially something that your mouse could hit and cause some tracking wonkiness, but that should only happen if you’re doing wide vertical sweeps near the edge of the pad.
Scabbard6 1024x682 - ASUS ROG Scabbard Review
The star of the show for the ROB Scabbard is its Cordura fabric, touted as a splash-proof and stain resistant material commonly used in military and outdoor athletic applications. This nylon fabric definitely feels durable and tracks well with the ROG Gladius II Origin mouse I tested alongside the mouse pad, but the stain resistant claim is a bit weak as witnessed by the pre-existing stains on our review unit in the photos above. (Looking into the Cordura website for their Lite fabric they make no claims on stain resistance, but the water repellant properties are there. [Cordura] Long story short, don’t use your mouse pad as a plate) On the plus side, the stitching on the edges is very tight and consistent so that you shouldn’t see fraying or separation of the fabric and rubber layers.

In the end the Asus ROG Scabbard checks all of the boxes for a basic and durable desk-sized mouse pad. It offers a well tracking surface with proven fabric durability and a rock solid rubber base, albeit with a weak stain resistance claim. If you’re looking to cover a large amount of your desk and don’t need RGB lights dancing around you, the ROG Scabbard definitely fits the bill.

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