In the recent past we have looked at numerous USB external storage solutions and for the most part they fall into one of two broad camps: low cost but low performance (HDD based), and high cost but with high performance. Recently Silicon Power decided to change the status quo and has released new series that promises high performance but without the usual high-performance price tag. We are of course referring to their new Bolt B75 Pro series which comes in capacities as small as 256GB and as large as 2TB. Today we are going to be taking a long hard look at the 1TB model.
Silicon Power Bolt B75 Pro intro - Silicon Power Bolt B75 Pro Review
On paper this particular capacity model does indeed tick a lot of the right boxes. As it is a SATA solid state drive based solution performance promises to be right up there with the best that SATA based USB 3.1 gen 2 devices have to offer. Thanks to a robust external chassis (that is milspec drop-proof rated) it also promises to be rather durable. Last, and most important of all is with an online average asking price of only $110 USD for 1TB worth of storage capacity it also promises to be well within the budget’s of most buyers.

Put simply, on paper, the Silicon Power Bolt B75 Pro appears to offer the best of both worlds: solid state performance levels at near hard disk drive asking price. That is indeed one intriguing combination. One that may just re-write the very definition of what it takes to be considered a good value in this corner of the marketplace. Let’s dive in and see if it can indeed live up to its promises.