Let us preface our opinion by saying that Bluetooth is indeed a game changer for the average music listener. For the first time you really can get an actually decent set of earbuds that have enough bandwidth to handle most encoding without introducing overly noticeable transmission artifacts. Yes BT5 still is not ‘perfect’ and it will make lossless FLAC tracks sound more like 320Kb/s MP3 files, but that is a major improvement over the flaming dumpster fire that was BT 4 based models. Few people walk around with the hardware needed to get the most out of FLAC and other ‘pure’ music encoders. Few people will care that FLAC and APE are ‘better’ than their MP3 320Kbps files they typically use… as MP3 is more than ‘good enough’ for them. Mix in the amazing level of convince wireless earbuds have to offer and Bluetooth 5 based earbuds can indeed be considered a viable alternative to classic ‘wired’ earbuds – in the entry and possibly mainstream corners of the market.

Next, when dealing with inexpensive ‘buds lowered expectations have to be taken into consideration. A pair of Silicon Power Blast Plug BP81 earbuds are not going to replace your Westone, Ultimate Ears, or Shure IEMS. It is like comparing a McLaren F1 to a rice rocket. That is not to say these are a bad set of earbuds. The opposite is true. It is just that they are an inexpensive, but not ‘cheap’, set of buds. Just as with nearly every wired set of earbuds in this price range compromises have to be made. The trick is picking a set of earbuds that matches the type of sound signature you like.

In this regards the BP81’s offers a surprisingly large soundstage with a fairly typical ‘disco smile’ sound signature. A signature that offers a lot of bloomy bass, but rather good highs with decent (if very recessed) mid-tone frequency responses. This pretty much is what the typical / average music listener likes and was a good decision on Silicon Power’s part. So, if you are into US/J/K/etc Pop, EDM, funk, or similar styles they will indeed prove to be a decedent to good fit. If you are into Jazz, Classical, or highly complex, highly detailed music they may not be such a great fit.

Either way their main selling feature is their robustness and ease of use. We really, really like their weight, their comfort, and their user-friendly features. Auto-pairing when removed from their case, no-brainer charging via said case, easy (if odd-ball) volume adjustment abilities, and IPx5 certification means that when you go for a run, or a long workout at the gym they will just plain work. They will pump you up and get you through that last set of reps, or that last mile, all while not getting in your way or having to worry about them shorting out from the buckets of sweat you are producing.

This combination of ‘good enough’ music reproduction with a user-friendly design means that when they do land on this side of the pond you really need to seriously consider them. They are easily one of the better value Bluetooth earbuds we know of. Just understand their limitations and you will consider the few dollars they cost money well spent.