With the tray price of DRAM-Less SATA controllers continuing to plummet it should come as no surprise that this ‘branch’ of the SSD technology tree would continue to make inroads in other corners of the storage marketplace. After taking a close look at the Silicon Power A55 series, we knew that eventually, that controller would crop in a USB based storage device. So while expected, the $110 priced Silicon Power PC60 series still peaked our interest. Today we will satisfy our curiosity via the 960GB capacity model and be able to show you our readers what this model has to offer.

SIlicon Power PC60 intro - Silicon Power PC60 Review

On paper it certainly is interesting. The exterior chassis’ unique form-factor of 80x80mm combined with an integrated lanyard suggests extreme portability was high on the design team’s priority list. The use of the SMI 2259XT controller suggest value was equally paramount… and the asking price of only $110 (USD), or $20 less than say a Seagate One Touch SSD, certainly backs this up.
Of course, the other side of the coin is… this is a RAM cache-less storage device. Where it is SATA and thus not orientated towards the speed junkies this may or may not matter all that much. It does however beg the question on when is ‘good enough’ performance actually good enough. Let’s find out.