The sheer options to customize make a good case into a great one. Almost anywhere you look and any site you check the Spigen company gets a 4.5 -5 Star rating. At time of purchasing the case Spigen offers some major bundle deals such as 30% off a screen protector, aluminum home button or compact car charger.

All and all quality of this case is way above average where price in the USA is far cheaper than many other cases of the same quality. If you live out of the USA pricing take a massive jump with the addition of shipping giving pricing for the USA a 90% and in in Canada a 50%.

Workmanship and quality of build is a solid 90% the frame gets a solid 100% where the rubber back and interior layer gets an 80%, it is thin and gives a durable feel but does not feel like it would last super long.

Packaging is a solid 100% it features great curb appeal with multiple layers for shipping durability. The basic instructions are all one would need as they are straight forward and to the point.

Accessories are plain and simple, other than a screen cleaner due to the fact they give a good discount on accessories with the case. The accessories get a sad 10% but with the purchase of additional accessories at discount, we gave Spigen their same Discount percent and they score a clean 30%

The Spigen S4 Neo Hybrid can be bought from as well as many other unique and stylish products