Testing: By clicking the (Home) button on the T3+ you will be able to select between 4 keybindings, each giving a new functionality to the device it is connected to.

iPhone 5C (when Jailbroken) – All buttons work out of the box in most games when controller mode is enabled.

iPhone 5C (Stock 8.2) – Volume controls work but controller does not work in game.

Note 3 Android 5.0 – All buttons work out of the box.

ASUS USB-BT400 – Network adapter – USB 2.0 – Bluetooth 4.0


IMG 1652 e1444789345480 1024x683 - T3+ Bluetooth Gamepad Gaming Controller

Computer Testing:

Settings 1: All buttons work out of the box for gaming.

Settings 2: Volume controls in windows.

Volume up: Y

Volume Down: A

Left Click: LB

Right Click: RB

Left thumb stick: Mouse controls.

Settings 3/4: Becomes a keyboard, buttons correspond with numbers and letters.

In Game testing:

PC Rocket League: Settings work perfect but keybinding had to be set in game. The T3+ is very impressive when gaming on a PC, response rate is instant and the fact you can laugh at console players for the fact you have a choice of a controller or keyboard and mouse. The T3+ works great for steam users or media centers as the fact you can use it as a mouse in Windows removes the need for another wireless remote/KB and mouse.IMG 1670 1024x683 - T3+ Bluetooth Gamepad Gaming ControlleriPhone: Without Jailbreak the iPhone is nearly unusable with the T3+IMG 1664 1024x683 - T3+ Bluetooth Gamepad Gaming ControllerAndroid testing: No settings modifications needed, works perfectly and is extremely enjoyable to play.

Game Testing for Android: FPse playstation emulator, perfect sync no need to mod settings, games tested Legends of Dragoon and Star Ocean, both games have near instant response and work perfectly. When playing games like Reaper or Unkilled the controller is a must, with your hands no longer taking up the screen you will feel far more pulled into the game.IMG 1662 1024x683 - T3+ Bluetooth Gamepad Gaming Controller