Teamed up by a few veterans from PC industry, ID-COOLING was officially announced to the world during Computex 2013. The mother company of ID-COOLING is the cooling solution provider for many motherboard and VGA card brands for over 10 years. ID-COOLING is specialized in CPU cooler, VGA cooler, built-in cooling case, computer case fans, server cooler and etc.

Having been a certified supplier for world’s top information companies such as Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, Huawei, Lenovo, etc. ID-COOLING accumulated a good reputation for strict quality control, fast service and innovative solutions.

In thermal solution field, ID-COOLING keeps the pace with the latest technology in the process of making the latest heatsinks for up-to-date enthusiast VGA cards for both Nvidia and ATI. Through years’ determination in thermal design, ID-COOLING developed many new cooling ideas, including heatpipe, vapor chamber, cold plate technology.

Ensured by independent RD team, ID-COOLING is capable of providing the instant product development and fastest customer support. Customer satisfaction is the top priority of the company, from the CEO to the field workers

T60 SFX - T60-SFX Mini Gaming Case

ID-COOLING Releases T60-SFX Mini Gaming Case

A Compact Design Made of Aluminum

ID Cooling colours 1024x673 - T60-SFX Mini Gaming Case

Aug. 21, 2014 – ID-COOLING releases the second Mini Case T60-SFX in the Mini-ITX Series. As an old manufacturer of cooling products, ID-COOLING developed V.C.V.P. technology for CPU Coolers. Silencer-ITX is their first compact case in the form of passive solution for silence lovers.

1200 T60 SFX 2 1024x819 - T60-SFX Mini Gaming Case

The new Mini Case T60-SFX is also featuring compact design. Although small, this case is able to accommodate one SFX power supply, Mini-ITX motherboard, tower CPU cooler height less than 124mm, and dual-slot VGA card up to 260mm. As to hard disk, you can mount one 3.5” HDD and two 2.5” HDD/SSD at most. There’s one 92mm fan included on the rear as a pull-out fan.

1200 T60 SFX 1 1024x819 - T60-SFX Mini Gaming Case

Full case specifications

specs T60 - T60-SFX Mini Gaming Case
T60 SFX 6 1024x818 - T60-SFX Mini Gaming CaseMade of aluminum, net weight is 3kg, easy to move around. Overall dimension is 310X252X128mm.

The MSRP for this Mini Gaming Case is $79.99.

Closing Statement:We at are looking forward to seeing more and more companies filling the ITX gaming segment, slowly ITX has gone from a niche to a norm. With this new impressive offering from ID-COOLING it looks like soon companies like Bitfenix and Corsair will have a run for their money in the market of sleek ITX cases with a price point that cant be beat.