Taipei, Taiwan – November 12th, 2020 – Silicon Power (SP) has been granted the German Design Award for its retractable USB flash drive, the Mobile C10. The Type-C OTG storage device won recognition in the category of “Excellent Product Design.”

About the German Design Award

The German Design Award is a rare honor due to its unique eligibility that the applicant must be nominated by the German Design Council in order to participate. The award is granted based on functionality, aesthetics, vision, practical value, manufacturing responsibility, market maturity, and overall concept of design quality, innovation, durability, brand value, and branding. With such stringent conditions, SP is proud to stand out amongst the competition by winning this award for the Mobile C10. It is further proof of its significance within the international market.

About the Mobile C10

The Mobile C10 was carefully designed to be practical and convenient without losing functionality. Its retractable cover is not only efficient to use, but also remains attached, which prevents misplacement and keeps the drive safe from external damage. Its keyhole feature easily clips on to key-chains, belt loops, and bags – a handy element that promotes portability and acts as another loss-prevention measure. Its PC material is impact resistant and its partially-reflective polished finish with a hairline texture helps to prevent scratches and fingerprints.

Though the Mobile C10 appears minimalist at first glance, it’s this combination of well-thought design details and features that earned it the coveted German Design Award.

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