In honor of the Witcher 3, which is due out in a few months provided they don’t push the release date back again, we have decided to revisit the game that started it all.  Play it as one continuous trilogy, which it most certainly is being marketed as.  If you did not read our last review, we did the same thing for The Dragon Age ‘trilogy’, however we only reviewed the latest iteration of the game that released in 2014. This time we are going to review each game, played one after the other to see how the characters have developed, the gameplay evolved along with the graphics and environment, and the studio itself. Bear in mind that some of these items will not be reviewed until the second or third installment as the Witcher is the starting point of our journey.

Even though our review contains no nudity, the game itself contains a small amount of it. One of the reasons it is a rated mature title, the others being violence, themes, and language.