In the recent past we have looked at a couple BlueTooth enabled earbuds and walked away fairly impressed with the state of the industry. In just a few short years BT earbuds have gone from (at best) mediocrity to actually being viable options. A relatively newcomer to the scene is the Chinese based TriBit whose intention is to not only push the boundaries of this quickly developing market niche, but actually make wireless earbuds that can outperform similarly priced wired earbuds – and thus their moto of “Unleash the True Sound”. Their latest addition to their lineup is the $55 USD Flybuds and today we will be putting them to the test.

On paper the Flybuds certainly hit all the right notes. They offer six hours of run time on a single charge; the included carrying case is good for five full charges; said carrying case promises to be compact and easy to use; they are IPX5 rated and thus resistant to even 30 kPa’s worth of water pressure (aka they can be washed under a running tap without fear of nuking them); they come with a touch interface for ease of use, make use of BT 5 connectivity… and thanks to a timely firmware update they also promise to offer a much more balanced and nuanced listening experience. One that does not rely solely on eardrum shaking bass to cover a myriad of sins, and rather allow you to experience the music like it was meant to be.

When you mix in the asking price of, these Chi-Fi earbuds certainly have a lot going for them. Of course, this new marketplace is quickly heating up with contenders seemingly coming out of the woodwork to compete for your hard-earned dollars. To us the major question worth answering is clear: are they worth tracking down, or are you better off steering clear of this Chi-Fi earbuds and looking in ‘greener pastures’. That is indeed the question we want to provide you with an answer to as for every good Chi-Fi set of buds there are literally dozens or even hundreds that are utter trash. Let’s find out!