The delayed review for the delayed game, Watch_Dogs.
It seems fitting that my first planned review was delayed by a move, can’t be said the same thing for the real reasoning behind the delay of Watch_Dogs. I like many were quite hopeful for the game when we first saw glimpses of it at E3 just last year, yet sadly when I did get the games in my hands, it wasn’t what it was promised to be.
I’m not one who eats into the hype of a game, and as such I tried my best to objectively review this game, avoiding official reviews just to see if my view of the game matched theirs, or that of gamers I know. It seems that my views and quite a few gamers I know greatly differs from that of the official reviews. Across the board, well mostly, Watch_Dogs has been acclaimed as a great game, getting stellar reviews. What is the reasoning for this, myself included found the game to have a lot of issues with it, of most I will be outlining later on. Alright, onto the review itself. Though let it be known this review is based on playing this or any game on the hard/veteran/heroic mode on the first play through, rather than on normal.Watch Dogs 2014 08 31 20 42 19 84 1024x576 - Watch_Dogs